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Wow!! Jam packed....with fun interactive features that will bring your entire family together and keep them coming back again and again!

Unlimited Family Member Homepages - every family or family member can create their own personal homepage within the site that they can maintain themselves. The EZ Homepage Creator makes it easier than ever for family members to update and maintain their personal homepage within the family website. Each homepage includes a personal news blog, photo albums, family member links, personal facts and favorite offsite links. A Most Recent feature on the homepage let's you and other family members see the latest additions on your homepage.

Family Tree / Family Explorer - create your online family tree and use a powerful suite of online tools in the Family Explorer to research your family history. Graphically explore family member relationships in your online family tree, view family history. Use the powerful search engine to quickly find facts about your ancestors. A great way for the whole family to learn about their family history.

What's New? - an incredibly powerful graphical tool that let's you and your family members easily find and see everything new on your family website in one convenient place. Each time something new is added to your family site it will be added the What's New listing. View by most recent or drill down and view items of interest. Each entry in What's new contains descriptive text and an graphical icon to let users visually distinguish between update types. Place your cursor over any of the descriptions or icons to reveal a thumbnail for photo related entries or subject titles for non-photo entries. Then just click on the entry to take you directly to the associated information for a more detailed viewing in the What's New Viewer. What's New makes it easier than ever for your family to stay up to date with all the changes on your family website.

Photo Galleries - create unlimited family photo albums on your family website that you and other family members can add photos to. Use the new powerful photo viewer that let's you easily and smoothly view all the photos posted on your website. Scroll through photos or launch slideshow option and sit back and enjoy.

Photo Commenting - brings a whole new level of interactivity to your website by letting you and your family add personal comments to photos posted on your family website. Family members can use this feature to leave their thoughts about a particular photo, share a memory or discuss the historic aspects of a photo with other family members or simply indicate you like the photo. Captured comments made by family members are sure to become a part of your historical family archives.

Family Members Listing - provides a place for family to exchange contact information and document important genealogical facts about themselves or family members. Add family member biographies, photos and other historical facts. Easy to use forms let you and your family members select from more than 50 pre-defined historical facts that can be added to a family member record. All maintained in a state of the art database that allows family members to explore their family roots and history right within your website.

Live Chat - schedule live chat sessions with family members in your own chat room facilities.

Family Slideshow - this feature lets you select which photo galleries to include in your slideshow presentation and displays photos randomly or in order. Plug your computer into your big screen TV and and gather the family around for a high-tech family slideshow.

Polls - Create custom polls to poll your family members for interesting facts / opinions. Use to help plan for a reunion event by soliciting family members for preferences.

Game room - allows your family members to play an assortment of fun games right within your site. Fun for all ages.

Guestbook - a place for site visitors to let you and your family know they have visited the site.

Offsite Links - add offsite links to other places of interest to your family.

Scrolling Marquee - a prominently displayed marquee horizontally scrolls text across the main page of your site to welcome visitors or relay important facts or news to your family members.

Random Rotating Banner - allows you to add cool effects such as random rotating picture strips of family members.

Family Archives - lets you and family members store important historical documents, files, images, stories, interviews, etc. on your family website.

Schedulable Newsletter - dynamically creates a newsletter for you with all the recent changes on your site then automatically sends it out to family members on a scheduled day of the month. Just choose a date each month for the newsletter to go out and the system does all the rest automatically. Great for keeping family members up to date and increasing participation.

Clickable Filmstrip - creates a ton of visual interest on your family website! The filmstrip displays thumbnails of random photos on your site. Click on a photo in the filmstrip and it will take you directly to that photo where you can then view it full size along with other photos in that photo album. When on a family member homepage the filmstrip displays random photos from that family member's photo albums. Allows family members to quickly navigate to a photo of interest and increases awareness of various photos and photo albums on your family site.

Message Boards - a place for online discussions and message exchanges amongst family members. Create any number of special topic discussion boards on your site as you like.

Family News / Blog - lets your family keep each other informed of the latest news that everyone needs to know.

Family Reunion Organizer - keep family informed of upcoming reunions. Maintain who's coming list. Mass email family members. Provide links to local area hotels, directions to events, etc. Print or export contact listings to create mailing lists. Create photo galleries to hold your family reunion pictures.

Event Calendar - keep track of all your family's special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Post information about upcoming family events and site events. Birthdays are automatically added to the calendar from family member information database.

Family Recipes - a place for family members to share and archive all your family's culinary secrets.

Music Jukebox - lets family members optionally personalize their homepages with licensed background music. The jukebox feature allows them to choose multiple pieces of music from an extensive library (genres) of licensed music which can be played across all the pages within their personal homepage without interruption.

Express Photo Uploader - lets you upload even more images easier and faster to your family site.

In Memory Of - a special place to pay tribute to family members who have passed on.

Did You Know - Educational feature that randomly displays historical facts about family members on the home page of your family site.

Family Museum - photo gallery to archive memorabilia from your family past.

Family Clubhouse - create unlimited number of special interest clubs for your family members (ie cooking club, book club, genealogy club, etc). Each club created has it's own home page, message board and photo gallery. Site administrator can assign individual family members as club owners (moderator) to oversee and maintain the club pages.

Feature Selector - let's you enable or disable any of the site features for an even more customized / personal look. More features than you really want? No problem. Simply turn off the features you do not want to use. Turn them back on at any time.

Upcoming Birthdays - keeps family informed about upcoming birthdays.

Event Reminder - customizable pop ups notify your family members of pending events or important information.

Screening Features - optionally enabled security features let the site administrator screen all content that is uploaded before it appears on your site.

Site Security - Your site is password protected so only your family members and others you give permission to can access your family site.

Plus much more...

Try the demo and see for yourself just how feature packed and easy it is.

Family website demos
Demo I - historical look    Demo II - casual look   

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